Welcome, my name is Chérie, I am an "alley cat" born on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and I enjoy travelling all around the world with my human.

I am a cat meowdel for a living and I have this line as well with fun products designed for those who wish to escape, dream away and who kept a child's heart.

The WORLD OF CHERIE is aimed to add some joyfulness and colours in your daily routine so I hope that you will enjoy shopping there.

Live your life in the Meow and keep a Paw-sitive Cat-titude...


The WORLD OF CHERIE is eco-friendly and our products are made in France ensuring a tracebility with ethical print on organic, vegan and recycled fabrics of excellent quality.

I might be a cat, environmental protection, ethical working conditions and of course Animal Rights mean something to me, so I want to share all these values with my products to bring happiness to your life and make you be a part of the change for a better future. 

All of the WORLD OF CHERIE clothing is made from 100% vegan materials, T-Shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are made with Stanley/Stella which has been certified by the PETA Approved Vegan label (certifying that no tests are carried out on animals), it also holds the green manufacturing labels such as GOTSOeko-Tex 100 and the Fair Wear label which guarantees good working conditions for the workers.

These labels are a good thing for us, animals but for humans and for the planet as well.

Unlike most of the cats I don't need to hunt for food (my human deals with my meals) so I have plenty of time to design, therefore feel free to come often as new products will be regularly on display, particularly some capsule collections according to seasons.